50 Photos that Show Iconic Automobiles of the Past

Historical Photos | August 7, 2018

Written by Deb Street

The American love affair with the automobile is a real thing and has been since Henry Ford’s first Model-T rolled off the assembly lines in Detroit. The automobile is a symbol of power, individuality, prosperity and freedom. Take a look through this collection of old, new, vintage and specialty cars to rekindle your love for the automobile.

The Dashing Oldsmobile Runabout

Source: Pinterest

The Oldsmobile Runabout, the first mass-produced car using interchangeable parts, was manufactured from 1901 through 1907 and sold for about $650. The wooden trim details and the two-seater rumble seat made this car look like the horse-drawn carriages it was replacing. It was a happy accident that the Runabout was even produced. In 1901, a fire destroyed several prototypes before they were approved for mass production. The Curved Dash Runabout was spared in the fire, therefore it was the model that was manufactured. 

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