14 Photos of Men Posing With Their Beloved Cats

It’s perfectly OK for men to post cute photos of cats held in their arms, but these guys have taken it to a whole other level! They’ve been posing with their cats, just like probably many men secretly do. 🙂


Funny Vintage Photos Show How to Lace One’s Corsets with a Foot in the Back, 1910s

These vintage pictures show that long-lasting tradition of lacing one’s corsets with a foot in the back. Since so many corset wearers have bad backs, this is hardly recommended! H/T


20 Fantastic Trivia from History You Can Work Into Conversations

Here’s a little-known fact: January 4th is National Trivia Day! Celebrate by working some of these fun facts from Mental Floss into conversation.

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Some of the Most Influential and Powerful Photos Ever Taken

Given the sensitivity of its subjects and its galvanizing potential, documentary photography has always been a subject of debate. On the one hand, a single image of a sick child or the impacts of a devastating storm can incite...

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The Curious Case of the Woman Who Was ‘Pregnant’ for 60 Years

Huang Yijun, a 92 year-old woman from southern China arguably has the record for the longest pregnancy ever… an astonishing 60 years! Technically, she delivered a baby known as a lithopedion or ‘Stone Baby.’ Huang Yijun’s...

ancient pet cemetery 1

Ancient Pet Cemetery Discovered In Egypt

A team of researchers from the Polish Academy of Sciences, led by Marta Osypińska, found a pet cemetery while excavating an ancient trash dump by Berenike. In an article they published in the academic journal Antiquity,...

vintage photos of alaska 22

24 Vintage Photos Of Alaska As You’ve Never Seen It Before

We often see picturesque photos of Alaska, but we rarely see old photos that show what it was like when the region was being settled. So, here are some incredible images from the late 1800s onwards showing Alaskan settlers...


Drive-in Church in St. Petersburg, Florida circa 1947

These photographs of a drive-in church in St. Petersburg, Florida circa 1947 were taken for a feature in LIFE magazine that never got published. St. Petersburg still has a drive-in church today, but without the impressive...


Inside This Cave There’s A Village With About 100 People

Zhongdong village in Guizhou Province, China, is believed to be the country’s only inhabited, year-round settlement located inside a naturally occurring cave. At 1800 meters (almost 6000 ft) above sea level, the cave can...


Photos of the Titanic Wreck When It Was First Discovered in 1985

The Titanic sank in 191, yet it took decades before the wreckage was discovered. It wasn’t until Sept. 1, 1985 that scientists, after years and years of searching, found what they were looking for. Two of Titanic’s...

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