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Santa Cruz Del Islote: The Most Densely Populated Island on Earth

Legend has it that about 150 years ago, a group of fishermen from the coastal town of Baru, about 50 km away, were looking for new waters to fish when they stumbled upon this small coral island, sitting low in the waters....

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Lovely Old Photos Of People With Their Dogs

All kinds of people, all kinds of dogs. Take a trip back 100 years. Retronaut

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384-Year-Old Shopping List Found Under Floorboards of Historic English Home

Archaeologists who are helping restore a historic country home in Kent, England have discovered a 17th-century shopping list hidden under its floorboards. Written in 1633, the note was uncovered during a multimillion dollar...


Bound To Be Beautiful: 30 Photos of Chinese Women With Bound Feet

Foot binding was a custom practiced on young females for approximately one thousand years in China, from the tenth century until the early twentieth century. Women with bound feet wore special, tiny shoes decorated with beautiful...

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Every Night the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence Are Lowered Into A Bomb-Proof Vault

Where do they keep the Charters of Freedom, which is the collective name for the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence, when these aren’t on display at the National Archives building?...

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The Nurse Who Saved Children From Nazis By Hiding Them In Coffins, WWII

Irena Sendler was born on February 15th, 1910 in Warsaw, Poland. She pursued medicine and dedicated her life to the service of others, no matter the cost. Pre-WWII, the young nurse was assigned to one of the most infamous...

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Perfect Gift Ideas for the History Buff in Your Life This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day make the day of your loved one extra special with these history-themed gifts. Aviator Winter Hat Don this aviator hat and you’ll instantly feel like Amelia Earhart or Howard Hughes. Made to look...


14 Photos of Men Posing With Their Beloved Cats

It’s perfectly OK for men to post cute photos of cats held in their arms, but these guys have taken it to a whole other level! They’ve been posing with their cats, just like probably many men secretly do. 🙂


Funny Vintage Photos Show How to Lace One’s Corsets with a Foot in the Back, 1910s

These vintage pictures show that long-lasting tradition of lacing one’s corsets with a foot in the back. Since so many corset wearers have bad backs, this is hardly recommended! H/T


20 Fantastic Trivia from History You Can Work Into Conversations

Here’s a little-known fact: January 4th is National Trivia Day! Celebrate by working some of these fun facts from Mental Floss into conversation.

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