The US Dropped Warning Leaflets Before They Bombed Japan, And This Is What They Say

The Axis Power was responsible for the Holocaust, the Allies, the bombing of Japan. Who really lost the war?

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How the US Flag Changed Throughout History (1776 – Present)

The layout of the stars was officially standardized in 1912, while the colors were standardized in 1934. Starting in 1818, the new flags were introduced on July 4th of the year listed. In 1942, the Federal Flag Code was passed...

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The Forgotten Story Of The U.S. Camel Corps

It’s not very well known, but between 1856 and 1866, camels were being used in training and hauling, with the primary action taking place at Camp Verde in Texas. The idea to use camels for traversing the rough terrain of...

Willis Meadows Bullet

The Story of the Civil War Veteran Who Got Shot In the Eye and Coughed the Bullet Out of His Mouth 58 Years Later

78-year-old Willis Meadows grasped his throat and began to choke. He’s having a violent coughing spasm and whatever was stuck in his throat wouldn’t come out. Just when he thought it was his time to die, something...


Can You Solve Einstein’s Riddle?

The following riddle is claimed to have been written by Einstein as a boy. It’s also sometimes attributed to Lewis Carrol, although there’s no evidence that either of them actually wrote it. Either way, it’s...


Visually Arresting Native Americans Masks of the 20th Century

These masks don’t actually conceal their wearers from the world, but instead expresses both their own inner self and the culture from which they come sometimes better than their bare face ever could. From the Navajo...

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Photos of Remains of the Twin Towers in Hangar 17

In an airplane hangar at New York’s Kennedy Airport, fewer than 30 pieces of steel remain from the debris recovered after terrorists flew hijacked planes into the World Trade Center’s twin towers on Sept. 11,...


California’s 1000-year-old Pioneer Cabin Tree Has Fallen Over

The Pioneer Cabin tree was one of several “tunnel trees” that had been carved out and served as human amusements. The tree’s exact age and height were not immediately available, but sequoias can measure their ages...


The Unfinished ‘Lonely Castle’ Carved Around the 1st Century CE

Among the dozens of ruins located in the archeological playground of Mada’in Saleh, one stands literally alone. Carved into a massive boulder, Qasr al-Farid, or “The Lonely Castle,” is a stunning ancient tomb that rivals...


A Look at Back at The Ongoing Love for Our Pets

Here’s a collection of vintage photos you’ll surely love.

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