tank vs bridges

Tanks Vs. Bridges (13 Pics)

Check out this collection of images of tanks that proved too heavy for the bridges they were driving on. All but one of these fascinating images were taken during the second world war.

virginia hall 2

Virginia Hall: One of The Greatest Spies in American History

Despite the fact that her country — the United States — had yet to enter the war. Despite the fact that women weren’t generally considered spy material by the prevailing men in charge. Despite walking with a limp...


Love Lost: World War II Soldier Expresses His Love in a Heartbreaking Letter

If you need a reminder of just how far we’ve come with LGBT rights in the military and larger American culture, a love letter penned from one soldier to his lover during World War II that has surfaced online might be...


Military Slang Words and Phrases Used by American Soldiers During WWII

Starting as early as 1941, correspondents began reporting and discussing military slang in the pages of American Speech, the journal of the American Dialect Society. Here’s a list of some of the soldiers’ language that...

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WWII Major Who Single-Handedly Destroyed Enemy Tanks With a PIAT

Major Robert Henry Cain grew up on the Isle of Man and joined the Honourable Artillery Company in 1928. He was given an emergency commission into the Army in 1940 and was transferred to the South Staffordshire Regiment in...

Irena Sendler 5

The Nurse Who Saved Children From Nazis By Hiding Them In Coffins, WWII

Irena Sendler was born on February 15th, 1910 in Warsaw, Poland. She pursued medicine and dedicated her life to the service of others, no matter the cost. Pre-WWII, the young nurse was assigned to one of the most infamous...

sound mirrors

Before Radar, These Giant Concrete “Sound Mirrors” Were Used To Detect Incoming Enemy Aircraft

Before the invention of radars, acoustic mirrors were used in Great Britain as early warning devices. The mirrors were built to detect incoming enemies by the sound of their engines. Source 4.5-metre-high (14 ft 9 in) WW1...

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The Curious Case of the Woman Who Was ‘Pregnant’ for 60 Years

Huang Yijun, a 92 year-old woman from southern China arguably has the record for the longest pregnancy ever… an astonishing 60 years! Technically, she delivered a baby known as a lithopedion or ‘Stone Baby.’ Huang Yijun’s...


Drive-in Church in St. Petersburg, Florida circa 1947

These photographs of a drive-in church in St. Petersburg, Florida circa 1947 were taken for a feature in LIFE magazine that never got published. St. Petersburg still has a drive-in church today, but without the impressive...


Evacuation of the Sick and Wounded, WWII

Every regiment in the field maintains a proportion of personnel who are trained and are proficient in first aid to the injured. In a unit as large as an Infantry battalion there is a party of stretcher-bearers, who provide...

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