sound mirrors

Before Radar, These Giant Concrete “Sound Mirrors” Were Used To Detect Incoming Enemy Aircraft

Before the invention of radars, acoustic mirrors were used in Great Britain as early warning devices. The mirrors were built to detect incoming enemies by the sound of their engines. Source 4.5-metre-high (14 ft 9 in) WW1...

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The Curious Case of the Woman Who Was ‘Pregnant’ for 60 Years

Huang Yijun, a 92 year-old woman from southern China arguably has the record for the longest pregnancy ever… an astonishing 60 years! Technically, she delivered a baby known as a lithopedion or ‘Stone Baby.’ Huang Yijun’s...


Drive-in Church in St. Petersburg, Florida circa 1947

These photographs of a drive-in church in St. Petersburg, Florida circa 1947 were taken for a feature in LIFE magazine that never got published. St. Petersburg still has a drive-in church today, but without the impressive...


Evacuation of the Sick and Wounded, WWII

Every regiment in the field maintains a proportion of personnel who are trained and are proficient in first aid to the injured. In a unit as large as an Infantry battalion there is a party of stretcher-bearers, who provide...


Faces of War: Men With Broken Faces and The Tin Nose Shop

Wounded tommies facetiously called it “The Tin Nose Shop.” Located within the 3rd London General Hospital, its proper name was the “Masks for Facial Disfigurement Department”; either way, it represented...


Colorized Photos of Soviet Female Snipers in the 1940s, WWII

Here’s a collection of colorized photos that shows the Soviet female snipers in the Second World War. H/T Za Rodinu


Hiroshima and Nagasaki 70 Years After the Atomic Bombings

On August 6, 1945, the US dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, the first nuclear weapon to be used in war, killing about 140,000 by the end of the year, out of the 350,000 who lived in the city. Three days later, a second...


California Couple Inherits 50-Year-Old Bunker Beneath Their New Home

When they bought the house, the Otcaseks were only told that the property had “an unusual feature”: a large, concrete-lined hole in the backyard. They were told that the hole once housed a fallout shelter from the Cold...


The 10,000-Bedroom Hotel That Was Never Used

Hotel Prora is a massive building complex built between 1936 and 1939 by the Nazis as part of their “Strength through Joy” programme. The complex stretches over three miles along the white sandy beach on Germany’s...


Vintage Snapshots: World War II Soldiers Showering or Bathing

Between battles soldiers were able to bathe in makeshift showers and in rivers, lakes and streams. These personal snapshots of World War II soldiers bathing and swimming are a record of the unselfconscious camaraderie between...

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