How Some Cool Silent Film Effects Were Made Before CGI

Harold Lloyd hanging off a clock in Safety Last! (1923) How it was done: When Safety Last was made, it wasn’t feasible to insert a fake background using rear projection or a green screen, so they used a trick of perspective....


Actors and Actresses Vs. Historic Figures They Played

The similarity looks uncanny.


These 5 Men Auditioned to be the Next James Bond 007, 1969

Between Sean Connery and Roger Moore playing agent James Bond, there was actor George Lazenby. In 1967 Life magazine photographer Loomis Dean went along to the audition sessions and captured the five different actors and...


30 Amazing Behind-The-Scenes Photos from ‘The Godfather’ Movie

The Godfather is the product of Francis Ford Coppola’s directorial genius, and the genius of everyone involved – actors, screenwriters, props people, etc. I’ve seen the trilogy a few times and I would definitely...


This Video Explains Why People in Old Movies Talked in a Weird Way

There’s a distinct way of talking that American actors and broadcasters used in the early days of radio and in pre-World War II movies. It’s not quite British or American – so what gives? Why do all those actors from...

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