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Anna Coleman Ladd Masks Worn by French Soldiers With Mutilated Faces, 1918

World War I caused the death of millions of combatants and civilians, while countless soldiers suffered from injury and disfigurement. These men worried about their homecoming — how would strangers react, but more importantly...

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Women Workers of WWI: Stepping Up to Fuel the Great War

When Britain entered World War I in 1914, thousands of women joined the workforce to fill jobs left by men sent to the frontlines. They took over transit works and police work. They became bank tellers and firefighters. They...

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It will Take Another 500 Years to Clear Somme Battlefields of Bombs

It will take another 500 years to clear the Somme battlefields before the area is safe, bomb disposal experts say after collecting 25 tons of munitions in 2016 alone. Michel Colling, head of the Amiens bomb disposal unit...


Faces of War: Men With Broken Faces and The Tin Nose Shop

Wounded tommies facetiously called it “The Tin Nose Shop.” Located within the 3rd London General Hospital, its proper name was the “Masks for Facial Disfigurement Department”; either way, it represented...


The Ideal World War I British Trench

Andrew Belsey, an architectural modelmaker from London, England, created a series of trench sections – each showing different aspect of trench warfare.   This is his “Ideal Trench”   Typical Trench...


Incredible Colorized Photos of French Army During World War I

Here is a collection of incredible colorized photos showing everyday life of French soldiers from 1914-1918, during the First World War.


Old Photos Show What WWI Trench Warfare Really Looked Like

Thought of as the “war to end all wars,” World War I left Europe in shambles, led to the deaths of over 9 million people, and drew in countries from every continent. The pictures below are the work of an unknown...


WWI Flight Training From 1918 (Original Footage)

The United States declared war on Germany in April of 1917 and began preparing a force to fight from the sky. Hundreds of cadets enrolled in flight schools in the United States Air Service. The will have to complete ground...


Archaeologists Find Bodies of 21 WWI Soldiers in Perfectly Preserved Trenches Where They Were Tragically Buried Alive

In 2012, the bodies of 21 German World War One soldiers entombed in a perfectly preserved underground shelter have been discovered 94 years after they were killed. French archaeologists stumbled upon the mass grave on the...


French Soldiers Hid Inside a ‘Dead Horse’ to Get Close to Enemy Trenches

During World War I, opposing sides sat in trenches for years on end, blasting each other to oblivion. This created a problem: How do you sneak out toward the enemy trenches without being seen when you’ve already obliterated...

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