36 Color World War One Photos That’ll Leave You in Awe

21. Soldiers pose in a concrete trench.


©TASCHEN/LVR LandesMuseum Bonn/Photo: Hans Hildenbrand

22. A Lancashire Fusiliers seargeant in a flooded trench opposite Messines near Ploegsteert Wood, January 1917.


via Liverpool Echo

23. Troops walking along a duckboard track through the remains of Chateau Wood, Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele), October 29, 1917.


Imperial War Museum

24. Nine French soldiers checking a fatally injured horse on the Western Front.


©R Schultz Collection / The Image Works

25. The corpse of a French soldier of the 99th infantry regiment. He was poisoned during a German gas attack on March 23, 1918 and died eight days later of pneumonia.


©R Schultz Collection / The Image Works

26. French officers of the 370th Infantry Regiment pose in the ruins at the Chemin des Dames near Reims, 1917. They have a bicycle and their Infantry Regiment flag.


©R Schultz Collection / The Image Works

27. Ammunition depot in France, 1918.


©Collection Mark Jacobs/Photo: Shells-Lafaux

28. Soldiers from the Kings Liverpool Regiment in their trench listening as news is read out to them during World War One, 1918.


via Liverpool Echo

29. British soldier giving a light to a German prisoner of war, September 1914.


via Liverpool Echo

30. A lonely figure of a British sentry standing at his post. The picture was taken “somewhere in France” on March 20th 1915.


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