Alive Dead People: Most Well-Preserved Bodies in History (Part 1)

Ancient History | October 27, 2016

Vladimir Lenin (1870 - 1924): RUSSIA

This horrifyingly alive-looking man is Vladimir Lenin - the father of Russian Communism and the first leader of the Soviet Union.


The government decided to preserve the body of Lenin for future generations,so they had to invent a highly complex process of embalming. Lenin's body requires extensive chemical baths, injections and evaluation. The body's organs were removed and replaced with a humidifier and pumping system, to help maintain the body's core temperature and fluid intake. His mummy is so well-preserved that it looks as if he will wake up any time now.


When the Soviet Union existed, Lenin's suits were changed once a year. Since the fall of the communist nation, the mummy's suit is changed every five years.


Lenin's trademark clenched right hand.

La Doncella (Death Estimated between 1450 and 1480): SOUTH AMERICA

Over 500 years ago, 15-year-old La Doncella and two other children were left to freeze to death by the Inca in a ritual sacrifice.


Sitting cross-legged high at Mount Llullaillaco, she was drugged with chicha and coca leaves to induce a heavy sleep, and left to die as an offering to the Sun God. In 1999, archaeologists discovered the remains of La Doncella and the two other children.


As if she could awake at any time, this mummy gives us the best look at how the ancient Inca dressed.


Strands of grey hair were found in her braids suggesting a very stressful life.

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