Photos of the Titanic Wreck When It Was First Discovered in 1985

The remains of a coat and boots, articulated in the mud on the sea bed near Titanic’s stern, are suggestive evidence of where a victim of the disaster came to rest.

Institute for Exploration, Center for Archaeological Oceanography/University of Rhode Island/NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration

An officer’s cabin window on the Titanic’s boat deck starboard side.

Starboard wing propeller from Titanic shipwreck.

The low pressure cylinder head of the port steam engine of the shipwrecked Titanic.

Cooking pots from Titanic shipwreck.

An electric meter for the electric light from the compass of the Titanic was recovered from the shipwreck.

The stoking ports of a boiler in the debris field of the shipwrecked Titanic.

The insides of a power turbine of the Titanic lie on the Atlantic Ocean floor south of Newfoundland.

The prow of the HMS Titanic, as she lies on the Atlantic Ocean floor south of Newfoundland.

An intact glass pane from the window of Captain Edward J. Smith’s cabin hangs open on the Titanic.

A ceramic bowl and other debris from the Titanic litter the floor of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Newfoundland.

A hull fragment from the Titanic lies on the ocean floor.

An opening on the starboard side of the ship’s hull could be damage from the Titanic’s collision with an iceberg on April 14, 1912. About 1,500 people died when the ship sank, breaking in two.

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