These 21 Vintage Photos Show How Creepy The Past Used To Be

We’ve come a very long way since the Victorian Era. In addition to eradicating polio, the photography technology has improved so much we really need not dress the dead and make them look alive so we can have mementos of them.

But this wasn’t always the case. Back in the day the practice of “post-mortem photography” is extremely popular. Though the practice is no longer popular today, there is still plenty of evidence out there left to examine.

Here are 21 super creepy examples of that after-death photo op sessions.

1. These pictures used to be used as mementos of lost loved ones. Can you guess who’s no longer alive of the two?
Memento Mori 1

2. It was common for the dead subjects to be made to “look-alive.”
Memento Mori 2

3. They did this in a bunch of different ways. You can’t even tell the difference!
Memento Mori 3

4. Like posing them with a few of their favorite things.
Memento Mori 4

5. A girl with her toys.
Memento Mori 5

6. Often, they made it look like the deceased was simply sleeping.
Memento Mori 6

7. In this photo the girl on the far left is being supported by a hidden structure.
Memento Mori 7

8. In this one, the dead man’s arm is positioned to support his head.
Memento Mori 8

9. Here the ruffle in the curtain conceals a device used to support the boy.
Memento Mori 9

10. This girl is sitting sideways for the same reason.
Memento Mori 10

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