Three of the Scariest Nuclear Bomb Accidents in History

1958 Georgia: Nuclear Bomb Training Accident


Nuclear Bombing training exercises were common during the 1950s, so it’s not entirely surprising for an accident to occur. And it did occur off the coast of Georgia and South Carolina when a B-47 bomber collided with an F-86 in midair. The F-86 pilot was able to eject safely, but the B-47 pilot had to assess his situation as he had a (possibly) fully functioning nuclear bomb on board.

With all the damage, the pilot decided to drop the bomb and was able to land safely. The bomb landed in the shallow bays and silt of Tybee Island, right by Savanna, Georgia. The bomb was buried deep in the silt, and months of searching couldn’t recover the nuclear bomb. Other attempts have also been launched to find the bomb as recent as the 2000’s, but with no concrete results. It’s still out there.

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