This Old Video Footage Captured English Traffic Scenes from the 1890s

This footage captured early English traffic scenes in various locations and various dates between 1896-1903. According to youtuber British Pathé this film may include the world’s earliest moving image of a steam powered road vehicle.

A full breakdown of the film below:

–Sunderland Bridge, 1896 – Poor pedestrian, horse drawn carts, wagons and bus travel across bridge at Sunderland, Tyne and Wear.

–Boar Lane, Leeds, 1903 – Pedestrians, horse carts wagons and electric tram cross large open cross roads near Boar Lane, Leeds, Yorkshire.

–Outside The Bank of England, London, 1897 – Dense horse drawn traffic in front of the Bank, a few pedestrians try to pick their way between the buses and carriages.

–Hyde Park Corner, London, 1897 – Hyde Park corner looking towards the park gates, pedestrians crowd the pavements, carriages and horse buses pass by.

–Newcastle Street, Tyne and Wear, 1903 – Motor wagon, motor car, and horse drawn wagon pass along street, pavement is lined with onlookers.

–Westminster Bridge, London – View across bridge to House of Parliament and Big Ben. Traffic passes in foreground.

–Tower Bridge, London – Views of horse drawn buses and traffic crossing Bridge.

–Empire Theatre – Ext of cinema showing Lumiere films. Handsome cabs draw up.

–Piccadilly Circus, London – Statue of Eros. People walk in foreground. Buses carry adverts for Cadbury’s and Lipton’s. (Some shots repeated).

–Horseguard’s Parade, London – Short bleak shot of cavalry soldiers riding.

–Bradford Square, Yorkshire, 1903 – Square at Bradford crowded with pedestrians, civilian band crosses square watched by small crowd a steam tram also crosses the square.

–London Bridge, London, 1896 – View across the bridge with horse drawn vehicles and pedestrians crossing the bridge.

–Street Entertainers (Minstrels) – Blacked up entertainers sing and dance to a small crowd in the open street.

Credit: British Pathé

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