Мan Spends His Sundays Cleaning Forgotten Veterans’ Tombstones


In today’s fast-paced world many of us would probably spend the weekend relaxing in front of our TV, or in the countryside away from crowded cities.

This is not the case with Andrew Lumish. Lumish spends his one day off, every Sunday, cleaning the forgotten tombstones of military veterans in Florida. He sometimes spends up to four months cleaning some of these tombstones.

He told the local newspaper that it all started in Oaklawn Cemetery, where he went to take photos of historic graves. He noticed that many of the tombstones for military veterans were practically destroyed.

Lumish works six days a week as a carpet and upholstery cleaner but still loves spending his day off to honor the veterans by patiently cleaning their decaying tombstones. He made this his life mission.

What started as his hobby eventually transformed into his passion. Uncovering the names on veterans’ tombstones became his life goal. It earned him the nickname “the Good Cemeterian.”

The Good Cemeterian started his mission back in 2013. He had restored around 300 tombstones by November 2015. But Lumish is not just uncovering the names of the military veterans; he is also uncovering the history behind the names. His goal is to bring their memory and resting place back to life.

After Lumish finishes cleaning the grave markers he shares a before-and-after photo on his Facebook and Instagram page, adding important historical facts about the veterans.

The tombstone of a Civil War veteran named Henry J. Fletcher was the first Lumish restored. He also cleaned another one the same day.

Although he is a professional cleaner, Lumish had never cleaned tombstones before. He managed to develop his own unique method. A lot of people were interested in learning how exactly Lumish restores tombstones so that they could also join his mission and follow his steps. On his Facebook page The Good Cemeterian, he shares some important instructions about the process of cleaning tombstones.

Many veterans and their families from across the country thank him for what he does. Keeping the memories of American veterans alive is what Lumish truly loves and what inspires him to continue his mission. He’s done a great job so far, and he has taught us how important it is never to forget the sacrifices of the veterans and to always show them the respect they deserved.

Visit The Good Cemeterian Facebook Page for more | h/t thevintagenews