15 Items From the Past That Sold For Outrageous Amounts Of Money

By | March 9, 2017

How much would you consider paying for an ancient Imperial portrait, or a car rarer than any other in the world, or how about for a chance to rest in peace next to the crypt of the famous Marilyn Monroe? All of these items, as strange as it may seem, have sold for a ridiculously high amount of money at an auction.

The prototype of the Hollywood sign, which sold for a whopping $450,400 on eBay.
Absurd Items 1

The very first American penny sold for $1.2 million at a recent auction.
Absurd Items 2

A set of gift tags signed by Queen Elizabeth sold to only one bidder for $7,500.
Absurd Items 3

Former Toronto mayor and well-known as a trainwreck, Rob Ford sold his tie on eBay for $13,000.
Absurd Items 4

This Ferrari GTO sold at ab auction for a whopping $52 Million, making it known as the most expensive car in the world.
Absurd Items 6

This unique Nintendo World Championship Cart incredibly sold for $99,000, which made it as the most expensive video game in the world.
Absurd Items 7

Pablo Picasso's "Les femmes d'Alger" extraordinary painting sold for an unbelievable $156 million.
Absurd Items 8

The Henry Graves Supercomplication Watch, known as the most complex watch in the world, sold for $24 million.
Absurd Items 9

The last lunch menu excavated from the Titanic auctioned for $88,000.
Absurd Items 10

This minimal Apollo 15 watch auctioned for about $1.6 million.
Absurd Items 11

This ancient Imperial portrait of the Chinese Emperor Qianlong was sold for a whopping $17.6 million at an auction at Sotheby's.
Absurd Items 12

The infamous Einstein 'God Letter' which was purchased by an anonymous buyer, sold for $3 million.
Absurd Items 13

The open crypt that is above Marilyn Monroe sold by a woman named Elsei Poncher for $4.6 million. She had her husband's remains moved in order that she could make the sale.
Absurd Items 14

This Nazi enigma machine was sold for $365,000, setting a world record for sold items of its kind.
Absurd Items 15