19 Fascinating Photos From History With Even More Fascinating Stories To Tell

Historical Facts | September 18, 2015

What makes old historical photos so interesting are the stories behind each photo. They somehow offer us a window into our past; into someone else's life. They even take us into another world wrapped in intrigue, wonder and sometimes, the unknown.

Take for instance these 19 photographs from history that will captivate you in one quick look. And once you know their stories, you will be compelled to look again.

1. This is the earliest known photograph of the Taj Mahal, c. 1850-1860.

historical photos 5

via Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium

2. "A possible image of Confederate cadets in Morgan County, AL."

historical photos 14

via reddit/u/AUEngineer90

3. President Theodore Roosevelt became the first president to fly, 1910.

historical photos 2

via Shutterstock

4. A young John Wayne.

historical photos 3

via Capital Pictures

5. Andy Warhol buying Campbell's soup at Gristede's market on Second Avenue, 1964.

historical photos 4

via flickr / Iconista

6. The first ever photo of the Andromeda galaxy taken in 1888.

historical photos 1

via Wikipedia / Frazzydee | Isaac Roberts

7. The original rules Chuck Jones had for his creations: Roadrunner and Coyote.

historical photos 15

via goodreads

8.A rope bridge in India, 1870.

historical photos 7

via Getty Images / Hulton Archive

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger and then President George Bush go for a sled ride, 1991.

historical photos 9

via imgur / AbrohamLiftin

10. The original voice casts of Peanuts.

historical photos 10

via DOuG pRATt

11. Adele Ross Clothing, anti-miniskirt signs, 1966

historical photos 11

via Getty Images / Hulton Archive

12. Four year-old Bill Clinton, 1950.

historical photos 12

via Getty Images / stringer

13. Albert Einstein's desk just as he left it, a few hours after his death in New Jersey, April, 1955.

historical photos 8

via Getty Images / Ralph Morse

14. A child left blind from the atomic bomb, Hiroshima, 1945

historical photos 18

via dankalia

15. A German boy selling his father's Iron Cross for cigarettes. Berlin, 1945

historical photos 16

via Getty Images / Zola

16. Hostage

historical photos 17

via Corbis Images

Indianapolis, 1977 - Richard O. Hall is held hostage by Tony Kiritsis with a sawed-off shotgun during a live broadcast. The gun was rigged so that if Kiritsis was killed or if Hall tried to escape he would be shot.

17. Photo of the oldest known documented wheelie, 1936.

historical photos 13

via Dull Tool Dim Bulb

18. "Helen Hulick was a kindergarten teacher who witnessed a robbery in 1938. When she showed up in pants to testify in court, the judge ordered her to return in a dress. When she showed up at a later date again in pants, she was sentenced with contempt and five days in prison."

historical photos 19

via LA Times

19. Elvis Presley waits for his bacon and eggs while a black woman is forced to stand and wait due to segregation. Chattanooga, Tenneesee, 1965

historical photos 6

via Press Images

H/t Diply

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