Remember Your Favorite Toys From the 1950s?

By | June 27, 2016

Here, we put together a list of our 10 favorite toys from the 1950s. Take a look at them below, and let us know what you’re favorite toy was as a kid!

No internet, no iPhones and no tabs back then. We play with these toys and let our imagination go wild. Enjoy your trip down memory lane...

1. Lock & Key Skates: Weell, these were a bit more difficult than modern skates, but once you got the hang of them, you could really move! And how fun was it after you did?
1950s toys

2.Original Yahtzee: This classic dice game came out in the late 40’s, but didn’t see much action until 1956 when game developer Edwin Lowe started marketing it across the U.S. Milton Bradley purchased the game and rights to market it in 1973, which brought it in to modern times. Did you play this as a kid?
1950s toys 2

3. Teenager Travel Purse: In the 50’s,the Miner Company came out with this Lil travel bag, and it was a hit!
1950s toys 3

4. Bag of Marbles: We all played with these pretty things. What was your favorite marble game as a child?
1950s toys 4

5. First Easy Bake Oven: Now, this one didn’t come out until 1963 but we included it anyway because this actually let us kids MAKE stuff that they could actually eat! No more fake tea parties and dinners!
1950s toys 5

6. Antique Riding Horse: Do you remember riding on one of these?
1950s toys 6

7. Hula Hoops: Would you believe the Hula Hoop didn’t actually come out until 1958? It’s one of those things you can come back to again and again and still enjoy. You loved it, then hated it, then re-discovered it, then forgot about it, then love it again. Even now!
1950s toys 7

8. Pull-A-Tune: The fact that it rolled and had a rope meant that it HAD to come with us everywhere. Whoever invented this thing was a genius.
1950s toys 8

9. ViewMaster: The original Viewmaster came out in 1939 and evolved through the 50’s when the “stereoscopic sightseeing” evolved in to more of a toy like the one you see above. It’s one of those toys that really got your imagination going!
1950s toys 9

10. Slinky Dog: Genius! Slinkys were already cool, but for it to be a part of a dog that walked – genius!
1950s toys 10