The Futuristic Holden Hurricane Concept Car, 1969

By | March 9, 2017

Revealed by car makers to advertise new technologies, the 'Concept cars' sometimes evolve into production vehicles, oftentimes they don't. Nevertheless, they do offer a vision of the future.

Unveiled 47 years ago in Melbourne, Holden's Hurricane was loaded with decades-worth of technologies which have been considered standard in cars. Aside from having digital displays, the Hurricane also had a primitive magnetic GPS system, as well as rear-view CCTV camera, and a hydraulic entry system which even the Dukes of Hazzard could get jealous - the whole roof lifted off on hydraulic plates.

During 2011 at a motor show in Melbourne, the concept car has indeed been brought back to life.

The Hurricane was installed with a rear-view camera, a route guidance system, and hydraulically powered doors.
holden hurrican car 1

Holden was a subdivision of General Motors, and this 1969 model was considered a showcase for then offbeat technologies such as digital instrument displays
holden hurrican car 2

The 1969 Holden Hurricane was a mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive two-seater which brandished technologies such as air conditioning and a radio with auto-seek, instead of a fiddly tuning knob
holden hurrican car 3

The restored car was displayed at Melbourne's Motorclassica show this year - the project to restore the car had been ongoing since 2006
holden hurrican car 4

The 'Pathfinder' GPS system was probably the ultimate out-there, having that glowing arrow to instruct drivers which way to turn, and a buzzer that serves as warning of an upcoming junction.

It's incredible just thinking that the features we take for granted today were conceptualized over 40 years ago by creative minds.

H/T DailyMail