20 Survival Essentials Everyone Should Have In Case of an Emergency

By Sophia Maddox | March 31, 2024

Masks, Goggles and Gloves

From natural disasters to unexpected outdoor adventures, being prepared is key to staying safe and resilient in challenging situations. Read on to explore the essential items that can make all the difference in ensuring your well-being and survival during emergencies.

We're dealing with communication tools, first aid supplies, water purification and even navigation aids - each item plays a crucial role in your preparedness strategy. Whether you're a seasoned prepper or new to emergency preparedness, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to stay safe, comfortable, and prepared when the unexpected strikes.

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In the realm of personal protective equipment (PPE), masks, goggles, and gloves are indispensable for safeguarding oneself during emergencies. N95 or N100 masks, along with reusable respirators, serve as formidable barriers against harmful airborne particles, including dust, smoke, and pathogens. Their efficient filtration capabilities make them essential for maintaining respiratory health in hazardous environments. Meanwhile, sturdy work gloves offer crucial protection for hands against cuts, abrasions, and other injuries, ensuring you can handle tasks safely even in challenging conditions. Additionally, splash/impact goggles provide vital eye protection against flying debris, chemicals, and other hazards, shielding your vision from harm. Together, these PPE essentials form a frontline defense, enabling individuals to navigate emergencies with confidence and safety.

Portable Water Filter or Water Purification Tablets

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When it comes to ensuring access to safe drinking water during emergencies, a portable water filter or water purification tablets are absolute lifesavers. Portable water filters employ advanced filtration technology to remove harmful contaminants, bacteria, and protozoa from water sources, transforming even murky water into clean, potable water for drinking and cooking. Compact and lightweight, they're designed for easy transport, making them ideal for hiking, camping, or emergency situations where clean water may be scarce. On the other hand, water purification tablets offer a convenient and lightweight alternative. With powerful disinfectant properties, they effectively kill waterborne pathogens, rendering water safe to consume. Whether you opt for a portable water filter or purification tablets, both options provide essential solutions for ensuring hydration and health during emergencies, making them indispensable additions to any survival kit or bug-out bag.