Stars Of The Early 2000's: Where Are They Now?

Rare Collection | June 7, 2021

Written by Jacob Shelton

The 2000s were an era that was all about more more more. Things were big, they were bright, and the stars were in your face and proud of it. You may think that you know everything about the celebrities of the 2000s, but do you know what they're up to now? Look closer and you'll find out.

You won't find these stories from the 2000s to today in the history books. These are one of a kind rare photos that all tell a story of how much the world has changed since the dawn of the millennium.

Many of these stars and stories are too hot for TV, so handle with care. You won't want to miss one second of these fascinating tales of the 2000s.

Paris Hilton showing some skin at the 2003 MTV Movie Awards

source: pinterest

Paris Hilton was everywhere you looked in the 2000s. As the era's newest reality star Hilton did everything she could to put her face out there: from starring on her own show on Fox to appearing in a series of commercials for Carl's Jr. and Hardy's. What seemed like oversaturation at the time now feels like the way things are done.

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