27 Color Photos from World War II

By | September 6, 2015

We never get enough when it comes to rarely-seen photos from the past. So this time we give you an amazing collection of color images from the Second World War era.
1. A US pilot stands up in the cockpit of a plane on the tarmac on Midway Naval Base, Midway Islands, 1942.




3. A group of Curtiss P-40 Warhawks escorting a pair of Consolidated B-24D Liberators on a flight near the Aleutian islands, Alaska, 1944


4. A pair of servicemen and four schoolboys sit on bridge over the Thames, Henley-on-Thames, England, May 1944.


5. American servicemen drive in jeeps through a nearly completely destroyed town in Italy, May 1944.


6. The crew of a B-26 Marauder outside their plane "Ginger," 1944.


7. Supreme Allied Commander American Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, his deputy, British Chief Air Marshal Arthur Tedder , and the principal commander of Allied ground forces in Europe, British Gen. Bernard Montgomery, stand in a US armoured vehicle as they review a tank exercise, Salisbury, England, 1944.


8. The flight deck crew preparing the planes for launch from the USS Lexington (CV-16), en route near New Guinea, April 1944.


9. In-flight view of a Douglas SBD Dauntless piloted by American Lt. George Glacken (left) with his gunner Leo Boulanger, near New Guinea, April 1944.


10. Two American servicemen moving a large bomb at an ammunition dump, 1944.


11. American troops unloading supplies on the Guadalcanal Island shores, 1943.


12. A soldier sleeping under the sun.


13. An American soldier eating his meal of chicken, mashed potatoes, bread, and pineapple atop rows of a stockpiled ammunition shells, England, May 1944.


14. American Army trucks parked next to the St. Lucia fountain, 1943.


15. A worker at Electric Boat Co., New London, Conn., 1943.


16. Allied soldiers hold up Nazi trophy flag as combat engineers on bulldozers clear a path through the debris of the bombed out city of Cassino, 1943.


17. A soldier packs 1/2 pound tins of the explosive TNT under one end of an abandoned German tank in preparation for detonation during military operations in the El Guettar Valley, Tunisia, 1943.


18. An American gun crew in camouflaged emplacement awaits orders to fire during the desert fighting between German and American forces in the El Guettar Valley, 1943.


19. El Guettar Valley, Tunisia, 1943.


20. The crew of a B-17 bomber named 'Honey Chile II' make adjustments to their plane prior to a mission, Polebrook, Northamptonshire, England, 1942.


21. Cadets at Corpus Christie Naval Air Training Station.


22. Curtiss Wright's chief test pilot H. Lloyd Child (center) jotting something down on a clipboard as he stands with other pilots on a tarmac near the companies manufacturing plant, Buffalo, New York, 1941.


23. An American soldier sitting behind the wheel of a Willys MB jeep, shortly before the United States joined World War II, 1941.


24. American Marines in uniforms talk aboard a ship during the US Navy's Pacific fleet maneuvers near Hawaii, September 1940.


25. Crew removing a plane which has made a slight crash landing on the Enterprise CV-6 aircraft carrier during the US Navy's Pacific Fleet maneuvers, 1940.


26. Crew of the aircraft carrier Enterprise CV-6 awaiting instructions during the US Navy's Pacific Fleet maneuvers around Hawaii, 1940.


27. Photographers posing in front of Pappy's Pram, a B-26 Marauder at base, 1943.


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