30 Fascinating Amish Traditions We Can't Believe Exist

By Sophia Maddox | April 28, 2024

No Sexual Education

Welcome to the captivating world of the Amish community, where traditions and beliefs have endured for centuries, often leaving outsiders intrigued, perplexed, and at times, even creeped out. In this slideshow gallery, we will explore the rituals and beliefs that define the Amish way of life. From the intriguing practice of "bundling" to the seemingly peculiar fashion choices of growing beards while shaving mustaches, we will shed light on the reasons behind these customs.

We will also delve into the concept of rumspringa, a period of exploration and decision-making for Amish youth. Join us on this fascinating journey of discovery and gain a deeper understanding of the Amish culture. Continue reading to uncover the hidden layers of their traditions and beliefs that may challenge your perceptions and leave you with a newfound appreciation for their unique way of life.

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The Amish community typically lacks formal sexual education as it is not a part of their traditional curriculum. Instead, the Amish prioritize teachings centered around their religious beliefs, cultural values, and practical life skills. Discussions about sex and reproductive health are often approached within the context of marriage and family life, and primarily take place within the home and community. This approach can be viewed as unusual or insufficient by those outside the Amish community, as comprehensive sexual education is considered important for understanding reproductive health, consent, and safe practices. Torah Bontrager, a former member of the Amish community told Lancaster Online:

Who knows how many children have a dysfunctional relationship with their bodies and sexuality because of a lack of sex ed and that kind of experience... Nobody spoke to me, nobody told me how it worked, nothing. Nobody told my husband how it worked; there was nothing.

Their Children Play With Faceless Dolls

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Amish children often play with faceless rag dolls, which can evoke a sense of unease or creepiness for those unfamiliar with the Amish community. These dolls deliberately lack facial features to symbolize the belief that all individuals are equal in the eyes of God, emphasizing the importance of humility and discouraging vanity. While this practice holds deep meaning within the Amish culture, outsiders might find the absence of facial expressions disconcerting or unsettling to say the least.