30 Fascinating Victorian Traditions We Can't Believe Existed

By Sophia Maddox | March 29, 2024

Put A Bird On It

The Victorian era was a time of contrarian ideals: They covered themselves completely but fetishized the female figure, they were obsessed with cleanliness but practically lived in a sewer, and they prized marriage and family above all things but sold their wives at auction. It's possible that the Victorians couldn't see the forest for the trees, but maybe they were just a generation full of weirdos.

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Victorians loved nature, so feathered hats and dresses were all the rage. Some of the more adventurous ladies even attached entire bird corpses to their outfits. It was such a popular trend that it almost sent 67 species of bird to the extinction list.

Visiting Hours

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Today, the standard "wyd?" text is the only requirement to arrange an impromptu hangout, but that wasn't the case for Victorians. Ladies were expected to be ready to host visitors from three to six in the afternoon, with any time after reserved for very close friends and relatives, and anyone else who showed up outside those times was considered a serious jerk.