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Historical Photos | June 6, 2018

Meet Morocho, the Legendary Dogo Argentino that defeated a puma, and saved two little girls from an attack.

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This hero dog named Morocho, a Dogo Argentino, is credited with saving the lives of two young girls. According to the story, a man was out doing some work when his two daughters, both under ten years old, asked if they could go on ahead to pick some figs. Morocho, the family dog, accompanied them. One girl started to climb the fig tree when she suddenly heard the sound of branches breaking. She looked up just as a huge puma jumped down on her from the upper branches. The animal’s giant paw struck the girl, sending her flying to the ground. The puma then lunged at the girl’s sister. It was mid-air when Morocho struck. The dog wrestled the puma to the ground and held it by its neck until the girls’ father arrived and killed it. One girl was unscathed and the other girl and the hero dog Morocho, were cut and bruised. 

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