36 Photos From Extraordinary Moments In History

By | February 3, 2023


Get ready for some great historical nuggets of interest and intrigue. We have36 photos that chart extraordinary, fascinating, and plain bizarre moments in history.

To wet your whistle, not only do we have a young Marilyn Monroe working in a munitions factory, but we also have awestruck photos of the first tattoo lady, the Statue of Liberty's face arriving by boat, Bea Arthur's military ID, a hunky 21 -year old Winston Churchill, and baseball great Lou Gherig's audition photo to play the role of Tarzan.

Let's journey forth into the wild world of imagery intrigue - with photos that will leave you with some great factoids. Onward!

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Marilyn has got to be my favorite of The Munsters. My second favorite is either Grandpa or Eddie Munster. Named for Marilyn Monroe, and played by several different actresses, the deal with Marilyn Munster was she was considered homely and unattractive by the rest of her monster family members.

Marilyn was originally played by Beverley Owen, who took the role because she thought the show  would never succeed. But it did and she had to move from New York to Los Angeles. On numerous occasions, she was seen depressed and crying in the studios. She was fired but went on to marry future Sesame Street writer and director Jon Stone.

Ann-Margaret takes a ride

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Ann-Margaret - hell ya! What's there not to like about this photo. You got young, hot Ann-Margaret, you got a very cool motorcycle, and you got the open road. Viva la America!

One thing I never knew, Ann-Margaret's last name is Olsson. She is a Swedish-American singer/actress who is known for her roles in Bye Bye Birdie,  The Cincinnati Kid, Carnal Knowledge, Tommy, and Grumpy Old Men.

Oh yeah, she also starred opposite Elvis Presley in Viva Las Vegas; in fact she was once billed as the female version of Elvis Presley. Trying to capitalize on the 'female Elvis' she recorded a rendition of "Heartbreak Hotel."