41 Unique Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

By | October 27, 2021

40 Unique Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

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Who doesn't want a shortcut to help us feel in control of our crazy lives? Adulting can certainly be a  challenge, but we found 31 hacks to help make things a little bit easier!

Creative problem-solving is the name of the game with these life hacks that will make your path through life just a little bit smoother. Need more space in your microwave? Can't keep your tank tops on the hanger? Worried about spilling your fast-food soda all over your car's seat? We've got your back. 

We are bringing you a collection of the most clever and creative life hacks for you to incorporate into your life. These are our favorite life hacks. They are tried and true, so if they've worked for us, we know they will help you too! Keep on reading and, perhaps, you will find some pointers that will change your life. 

Stop Water From Ever Boiling Over Your Pot

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How many times have you put a pot on the stove to boil water for spaghetti or macaroni and cheese, and then got distracted? It happens every time...you get a text, the kids ask you a question, or your dog needs to go outside. In no time at all, you hear the sudden and alarming hiss. Your water is boiling over, leaving you with a steamy mess on your stovetop.

The best way to prevent this from happening is, of course, to give your pot of water your undivided attention. But since we will have phones, kids, and dogs, that’s not always possible. There is another, easier way to prevent boilovers. Simply lay a wooden spoon over the top of the pot, from one end of the pot to the other. The water won’t boil over with a spoon across the pot, saving your pasta and reducing the need to scrub your stove.