44 Rarely Told Stories That Show A Different Side To History Than You Already Knew

Rare Collection | April 30, 2020

Written by Jacob Shelton

Warning: These photos were handpicked by our team of editors that were instructed to find the most emotionally touching, spellbinding, riveting, and nostalgic stories that have been rarely told.

The beautiful thing about history is sometimes the things that really happen in real life are even more magical than what any artist could dream up with their own imagination. The truth is, every one of these pictures could be it's own movie, because they are all so touching in different ways.

These are real stories that you probably wouldn't believe are actually true if it weren't for these historical pictures and the trusted sources that verified every detail we are presenting to you.

Please take the time to lose yourself in these stories and imagine how you can relate to each slide. Take a closer look than normal, and you might discover a different side to history than you already knew...

Has there ever been a story that is more ironic yet sad and also incredibly inspiring all at the same time? Pay attention to this one because if you haven't heard it before, it will truly change the way you think forever 🤯As a young boy, he was told by a librarian that he wasn't allowed to borrow a book because the color of his skin, that book inspired him to get a PhD in Physics from MIT. Despite all odds, he became one of the most revered astronauts in history...but the fate that it led him to is equally inspiring and also devastating...please read ahead... 🚀

source: NASA

In 1959, nine year old Ronald McNair was looking for science books at a public library in Lake City, South Carolina but the employees refused his request. His older brother Carl explained:

So, as he was walking in there, all these folks were staring at him — because they were white folk only — and they were looking at him and saying, you know, 'Who is this Negro? So, he politely positioned himself in line to check out his books. Well, this old librarian, she says, 'This library is not for coloreds.' He said, 'Well, I would like to check out these books.' She says, 'Young man, if you don't leave this library right now, I'm gonna call the police.' So he just propped himself up on the counter, and sat there, and said, 'I'll wait.'

Ronald McNair eventually went on to earn his PhD in Physics from MIT and when he was only 35 years old he was one of the seven astronauts onboard the space shuttle Challenger when it was destroyed in flight in 1986.⁣⁣ Today, the library that threatened to have him arrested for trying to check out books is named after him.

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