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Rare Collection | April 30, 2020

Hachikō the Akita dog in pictured here waiting patiently for his owner. You might be wondering why we picked a photo of a dog waiting for his owner. Read more below and you'll learn one of the most endearing stories of loyalty ever told 💔

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This is a photo of Hachikō, the Akita dog who belonged to Professor Eizaburo Ueno. Ueno taught at Tokyo Imperial University in the 1920s but he lived in Shibuya. He traveled by train to Tokyo every day; and in the mornings he and Hachikō walked to the station in the morning and arrived at home at 3pm. Hachikō made sure to meet the Professor at the train station precisely at 3pm. Sadly, Professor Ueno passed away from a cerebral hemorrhage while giving a lecture in the year 1926. That day, just as the loyal dog did everyday, he waited for the Professor, but the Professor never showed up. For the next 9 years, Hachikō the dog continued looking for his master and best friend every day at 3pm.  Not one day for the rest of the dogs life did he forget to show up precisely at 3pm hoping the Professor would come find him.

Local media picked up on the story of the dog who continued to wait for his best friend and in 1932 a Japanese newspaper ran an article on Hachikō, turning the faithful pet into a local celebrity overnight. The story of this dog's love for its master touched the nation, and became the subject of a gramophone record and a film.

Hachikō passed away in 1935, still waiting for his master. He was buried next to Ueno in Aoyama Cemetery in Tokyo, Japan. Today a bronze statue of Hachikō stands in front of Shibuya Station.  There is no doubt that the Professor and his loyal dog reunited again, but this time in heaven.

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