46 Iconic Moments and Photos From Behind The Scenes


Wilt Chamberlain and Andre The Giant towering over Arnold Schwarzenegger on the set of “Conan the Destroyer.”

Movie magic produces the wonder of superheroes and awe of the impossible. However, none of films’ astonishing spectacles would be possible without the incredibly creative minds that work “below the line.” Here’s a sneak peek into how the sausage gets made by Hollywood’s finest.

Source: Reddit

Filming of Conan The Destroyer took place in Mexico City to save costs but the bars of Mexico's capital rejoiced. Reportedly, Arnold, Andre, and Chamberlain would go out on the town and drink entire taverns dry. According to Schwarzenegger after a round of 12, his compatriots would see who could pick him up more easily and toss him around like a child’s toy.