50 Freaky Vintage Photos Sure To Chill To The Bone

By | October 12, 2022

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The Brady Bunch, Captain Kangaroo, and The Banana Splits… flower power, groovy tunes, risque films, and crazy clothing. The free spirit of the groovy era was nothing if not a whole lotta fun! These 50 or so images gathered here are timeless and sure to cause a major case of nostalgia for those zany days.

Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley on the set of Viva Las Vegas in 1964.

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Source: Reddit

Ah yes, the King and Ann Margret on the set of Viva Las Vegas back in 1964. These two were more than just co-stars. Elvis himself, and his closest friends all confirmed that aside from Presley’s family, Ann-Margret quickly became the most important woman in the King’s life. As they worked together, Ann-Margret and Elvis discovered they share many things in common and soon their relationship became romantic.

Inevitably, though, it had to end, at least to Ann-Margret it seemed. She explained in her autobiography:

There were other factors in Elvis’s life that forced him apart from me, and I understood them. Elvis had always been honest with me, but still, it was a confusing situation. We continued to see each other periodically until we had dated for almost a year. Then everything halted. We knew the relationship had to end, that Elvis had to fulfill his commitment.

His "commitment" being the promise he had made to young Pricilla and her family: to marry her once it was time to settle down.