50 Vintage Unedited Wedding Photos So Beautiful We Can't Look Away

By | September 30, 2022

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This collection of vintage wedding photos will cause an insane amount of nostalgia.

Love is a beautiful thing in any era, and everyone loves a wedding, but in the groovy era tying the knot was all about style. Whether a couple lived a bohemian hippie life or they were in the suburbs it was important to have the best union possible… and the same goes for the celebrities of the era. From Mick Jagger and Elvis to John Lennon each rocker wanted to make sure they had a wedding unlike anything ever experienced before. In many cases, celebrities opted to get hitched at a courthouse before throwing the biggest party imaginable, but as you’ll see in these far-out photos of weddings, many actors and musicians of the era had a classic ceremony just like every other person in the world. Whether you’ve tied the knot or not you’ll go gaga over these rarely seen vintage photos of weddings from the 1960s and ‘70s.

Warning, these photos are rare, many for some reason have been unseen and rarely published for public viewing... 

She moved in with Elvis at the age of 14.

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May 1, 1967, was a sad day for the teeny-bopper fans of Elvis Presley, after a small wedding to Priscilla Ann Beaulieu at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas, the King was off the market. Well, a little while anyway. The two lovebirds met eight years earlier when she was only 14, while Elvis was stationed in West Germany. At the wedding, Priscilla’s 13-year-old sister, Michelle, served as maid of honor, and after a short ceremony, the couple threw a breakfast reception for about 100 guests. The six-tier yellow sponge cake cost $3,200, and it served as a dessert to the roast suckling pig, fried chicken, lobster, and champagne. Although they separated five years later the two remained close until the King’s death.

I don't think I'll ever find anyone I'll love as much as I loved Elvis. It's pointless trying to compare him to anyone. Yes, some men I've been with have mattered to me, but Elvis was my first love, he'll be my last. -Priscilla