54 Chilling Images With Unknown Stories From History

By Sophia Maddox | July 24, 2023

A Classic Hoover Ad From 1953

When you look back at history there are moments that you can’t help but feel like you’ve lived. Big, sweeping, epic moments that are etched in stone. But even more fascinating are the stories that exist between the bullet points. These jaw dropping photos that tell the unknown stories are sure to amaze. Click ahead with fervor and plow through pictures and anecdotes about everything from World War II to Madonna, and even the early years of Walt Disney.

That’s not all we have. There are eye-opening looks at Mother Nature, natural disasters, and indigenous people that you’d never see in your normal life. Keep some eye drops handy because there’s a lot to learn and photos that will astound. Onward! 

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There’s nothing like getting a fine piece of equipment for Christmas, and when it’s as beautiful as a new Hoover vacuum who wouldn’t want to get one of these bad boys under the tree? Admittedly, the shape is a dead give away so you might want to wrap it in a box rather than wrap it on its own. The ‘60s were the apex of ads like this that insinuated that women absolutely loved doing house work. As out of place as it feels now there’s something inviting about this ad.

The font, the colors, and the actual are of the piece are truly stunning, as is the “P.S. to husbands” at the bottom that lets them in on the little secret of how little this item costs - only $69.99. That’s a steal. 

An aerial view of the Faroe Islands, which are tucked between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean.

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Source: Reddit

No, that isn’t a matte painting from the cover of a fantasy novel, it’s actually the Faroe Islands, an archipelago between Norway and Iceland. The island has a blink and you’ll miss it quality as far as land masses go, but it should’t be missed because it’s truly beautiful. The island is populated by Nordic people who speak Faroese, a language that’s descended from Old Norse.

They mostly eat meat, seafood, and potatoes, and they specifically like to eat mutton made of local sheep. One brewery on the island has been producing beer since 1888 with exports mainly to Iceland and Denmark, so if you take a trip to the island you can definitely get something tasty.