54 Chilling Images With Unknown Stories From History 

By Sophia Maddox | August 14, 2023

Riding the chairlift at Jackson, Wyoming in 1955.

When you look back at history there are moments that you can’t help but feel like you’ve lived. Big, sweeping, epic moments that are etched in stone. But even more fascinating are the stories that exist between the bullet points. These jaw dropping photos that tell the unknown stories are sure to amaze. Click ahead with fervor and plow through pictures and anecdotes about everything from World War II to Madonna, and even the early years of Walt Disney.

That’s not all we have. There are eye-opening looks at Mother Nature, natural disasters, and indigenous people that you’d never see in your normal life. Keep some eye drops handy because there’s a lot to learn and photos that will astound. Onward! 

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Wyoming’s first chairlift on Snow King - the massive mountain in Jackson, Wyoming, was installed using the wheels of an Army pickup truck to drive the ropes. Originally if you wanted to use the lift to ride up Snow King you had to ride in an ore bucket, which is charming but it can’t have been comfortable. The bucket were replaced with single chairs eventually which is only slightly terrifying.

In 1955 the lift on Snow King could move 200 chairs per hour, which is a lot of skiers if every seat was full. In 1958 the single chair lift was done away with a new, double chair line was installed. 

"Driving Miss Daisy" and "Cocoon" actress Jessica Tandy in 1943.

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Tandy began acting on stage at the age of 18 in London, with roles opposite stage veteran Laurence Olivier. She was well versed in theater and began working in radio and film while still treading the boards. Even though she’s well known for her word from later in life like Fried Green Tomatoes, and Driving Miss Daisy, early in her career she played young women in films like Murder In the Family and Forever Amber.

In 1942 Tandy married Canadian actor Hume Cronyn (Cocoon, The Pelican Brief) and the two were together until her death in 1994. Regardless of the decade, Tandy was always a class act.