54 Chilling Images With Unknown Stories From History

By Sophia Maddox | June 5, 2023

Photo of a man from Fiji, 1895.

When you look back at history there are moments that you can’t help but feel like you’ve lived. Big, sweeping, epic moments that are etched in stone. But even more fascinating are the stories that exist between the bullet points. These jaw dropping photos that tell the unknown stories are sure to amaze. Click ahead with fervor and plow through pictures and anecdotes about everything from World War II to Madonna, and even the early years of Walt Disney.

That’s not all we have. There are eye opening looks at Mother Nature, natural disasters, and indigenous people that you’d never see in your normal life. Keep some eye drops handy because there’s a lot to learn and photos that will astound. Onward! 

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Fiji is an island country in Melanesia, located in the South Pacific and it’s gone through a series of owners in its time on Earth. Once Europeans came across Fiji in the early 1700s they continued to stop by in order stay amongst the Fijans to trade sea cucumbers and sandalwood.

While Fiji has a large amount of sugarcane on the island, Fijans are most well known as some of the best canoe builders in the South Pacific. In the 19th century they used this skill to trade with the Tonga, a group of people from Polynesia. In 1895 Fjji was under British rule and wouldn’t be free until 1970. 

The Montparnasse derailment in Paris, 1895. The train was several minutes late and the driver was trying to make up for lost time as it entered the station too fast. The train air brake failed to stop, causing it to crash through the station wall.

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Source: Reddit

Sometimes it’s just best to get to where you need to go late, but safe, rather than rush through your day and end up crashing through a wall - which is what happened at 4pm on October 22 1895 when the Granville–Paris Express passed the buffer stop at the Gare Montparnasse terminus. The train was late, so the driver gunned it and wasn’t able to slow the colossal vehicle down before everything went to heck.

Thankfully there was only one death and six injuries out of the 131 passengers. At the end of the day things could have been much worse, but even though almost everyone survived the driver was fined 50 francs.