54 Rare Historical Photos 

By | November 16, 2022

Rare, historical, and (some) just plain bizarre. That's the best way to describe these 54 very unique photos in this gallery. Have you ever wanted to see Alfred Hitchcock dressed up like Ringo Starr from Beatles? We can take you there. How about Robin Williams decked out as a Denver Bronco's cheerleader - during the height of his Mork and Mindy days? Yeah we got that and a lot of other hard-to-find visual oddities.

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Take a gander of rare shots of young David Bowie, Jackie Kennedy, Elvis with his parents, and not one, not two - but three Elvira pics. So get ready to have your mind blown with some history factoids and your eyes dazzled with some very rare photos. 

Singer/actress Chris Noel hosted her own radio show for the GIs in Vietnam. She did (4) tours of Vietnam and her helicopter was shot down twice. (Photo from 1966)

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Source: Reddit

Chris Noel was a Hollywood sex symbol who became a Vietnam War icon. She was a model who turned actress - who then turned to entertaining the troops in Vietnam. Noel worked on the Armed Forces Radio And Television Service. Her program "A Date With Chris" made her fondly known by vets as "the voice of a California dream girl" by many Viet vets - while her pin up pics were very popular with the troops.

Noel entertained four tours of Vietnam and her helicopter was shot down twice.  For her work, she received the Distinguished Vietnam Veteran award in 1984 from the Veterans Network.