58 Amazing Images With Little Known Stories From History

By | July 5, 2022

Extreme tree pruning crew from the late 1800s.

When you look back at history there are moments that you can’t help but feel like you’ve lived. Big, sweeping, epic moments that are etched in stone. But even more fascinating are the stories that exist between the bullet points. These jaw dropping photos that tell the unknown stories are sure to amaze. Click ahead with fervor and plow through pictures and anecdotes about everything from World War II to Madonna, and even the early years of Walt Disney.

That’s not all we have. There are eye opening looks at Mother Nature, natural disasters, and indigenous people that you’d never see unless you ran into HD. Keep some eye drops handy because there’s a lot to learn and photos that will astound. Onward! 

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Source: Reddit

A photo from a time when men put their lives on the line to prune trees and looked cool doing it. Pruning trees in the 19th century was a big time operation and took teams of men to pollard the upper branches of trees in order to create a more dense head of foliage at the top. Although in some instances the pruners were simply trying to to keep trees from becoming a hazard.

It took an entire team to work on a tree this size because it would be a major undertaking for one or two people. Can you imagine how heavy the branches are that are holding the men on the top of the tree? Hopefully they’re not afraid of heights. 

A steelworker just hanging out during the construction of the Empire State Building in 1930

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source: reddit

If there’s one thing that history can teach us it’s that steelworkers are some of the bravest people to ever walk the earth - or walk above it. While working on the Empire State Building. One question many people have when they see photos like this is how they were captured. The photos look as if they were taken by someone floating in mid-air, and that’s kind of how it happened.

Photographer Lewis Hine was brought onto document the construction of the Empire State Building, and as the construction got higher he had to figure out new ways to capture the workers and the building. Hide stood in a specially designed basket that swung out 1,000 feet above Fifth Avenue and he snapped pictures of the building as well as “work portraits” of the workers.