60 Chilling Nature Photos

By Sophia Maddox | February 3, 2024

The eye of a tokay gecko

Look closer...these are the most chilling, unedited photos ever captured in nature.

Mother Nature can be gentle and kind, but on the day these photos were taken, she was dark, demonic, and dangerous.

It's risky business walking out your front door and these pictures prove it. They feature frightening animals, unreal weather patterns and some of the most striking and disorienting visuals that have ever been witnessed. Nature is only bound by the laws of physics… it has the ability to explode lava through the Earth, freeze homes, and send sand rushing like a tidal wave, but it can create wonders that touch your soul as well.

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The enchanting eye belongs to the tokay gecko, a species of lizard that’s native to Southeast Asia, and as small as it is it’s still one of the largest geckos that you’ll find. These little bad boys aren’t just cute but they’re speedy as well. They can evade capture with a fast sprint and they can climb across walls, trees, and slippery rocks thanks to the small plates on the bottom of their feet that are covered in tiny hairlike processes that are forked at the end. Some geckos are even known to have retractable claws, so make sure you don't tangle with any of these little guys... just in case.

Marmot realizes it's been caught by a fox

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You know that feeling when you’re caught hanging out around in the house in nothing but your underwear? That’s what this marmot’s face is saying. But how does a photo like this get captured? It’s a one in a lifetime shot that’s one of the London National History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners from 2019. Captured by Chinese photographer Yongqing Bao, “The Moment” became a worldwide sensation although unfortunately the marmot didn’t survive the attack.Museum spokesperson Zoe Summers told the New York Times:

I can confirm that sadly the marmot didn’t survive. The fox was successful in the attack and was able to feed some very hungry cubs!