60 Chilling Nature Photos

By Sophia Maddox | May 31, 2023

It's not an alien craft but a bloated whale carcass adrift at sea

Look closer...these are the most chilling, unedited photos ever captured in nature.

Mother Nature can be gentle and kind, but on the day these photos were taken, she was dark, demonic, and dangerous.

It’s risky business walking out your front door and these pictures prove it. They feature frightening animals, unreal weather patterns and some of the most striking and disorienting visuals that have ever been witnessed. Nature is only bound by the laws of physics… it has the ability to explode lava through the Earth, freeze homes, and send sand rushing like a tidal wave, but it can create wonders that touch your soul as well.

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When an animal passes away in the wild it decomposes and disappears like it was never there, but what happens to the largest animals on the planet when they die? When a whale kicks the bucket they begin to decompose like everything else, but the bacteria in their stomachs produce heat and gasses that build up and cause the animal to swell up like a huge balloon - which is what you can see in this photo. Before long the pressure becomes too great and the carcass explodes sending guts and viscera everywhere. Coastal towns that find themselves dealing with a lot of whale carcasses have teams that make sure to puncture the whales to keep the disgusting explosions under control.

Cthulu or seaweed? And do you want to find out what it is?

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Even though we’re much more aware of what’s in the ocean today, for a second you probably thought these waves were filled with creatures with thousands of tentacles. We know it’s seaweed but it’s hard not to freak out a little bit when you see something like this. The ocean is filled with seaweed and all manner of muck, but it’s rare to see the water pick up so much sea trash and bring it along with it in a massive wave. Can you imagine what it’s like to swim into a wave like this? Even if the water isn’t filled with a giant octopus or something it’s still got to be gross to let this kind of thing wash over you.