60 Chilling Nature Photos

By Sophia Maddox | October 28, 2023

The honey badger, also known as the ratel, can survive through the worst of conditions due to their super power...thick skin

Look closer...these are the most chilling, unedited photos ever captured in nature.

Mother Nature can be gentle and kind, but on the day these photos were taken, she was dark, demonic, and dangerous.

It’s risky business walking out your front door and these pictures prove it. They feature frightening animals, unreal weather patterns and some of the most striking and disorienting visuals that have ever been witnessed. Nature is only bound by the laws of physics… it has the ability to explode lava through the Earth, freeze homes, and send sand rushing like a tidal wave, but it can create wonders that touch your soul as well.

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source: nature is metal

If there’s one animal you absolutely do not want to mess with it’s the honey badger. These creatures are known for their ability to survive and and their ferocious nature. They don’t have so much as one specific enemy as they have nothing but enemies. When they’re cornered they’ll fight, no matter how large a predator is. They fight lions and hyenas and stand up to bee stings and animals bites - clearly even porcupine quills don’t even penetrate their skin. If an animal makes the unfortunate choice of traipsing across a honey badger’s land they’ll be chased down and attacked. 

These goats defy gravity

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There’s no animal quite like the mountain goat, a creature that takes to steep cliffs and ridiculous heights like it’s nothing. They chill on mountain tops during the winter where they grow out a fluffy coat that they lose during the spring when they descend to lower elevation. These goats are actually more closely related to antelopes rather than goats and they climb to such ridiculous heights in order to escape from predators like bears, wolves, cougars, and golden eagles. These animals learn to climb from a young age and can follow their parents up a rock when they’re only days old.