60 Famous People and Their Riskiest Roles

By Jack Ripley | March 11, 2024

Jamie Lee Curtis

In the golden age of Hollywood, actresses were often celebrated for their demure and ladylike personas, carefully crafted to appeal to a mass audience. However, as time went on and societal norms began to shift, more and more actresses began to push boundaries and bare it all on screen, challenging traditional notions of femininity and sexuality. From Marlene Dietrich's provocative performances in the 1930s to the bold and fearless portrayals of modern-day stars like Elizabeth Berkley and Jennifer Connelly, these women have fearlessly used their bodies to tell stories, challenge norms, and break barriers.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the actresses who have dared to bare it all on screen. From Golden Age stars like Brigitte Bardot and Jayne Mansfield to modern-day icons like Cate Blanchett and Halle Berry, these women have used their bodies as a powerful tool to convey raw emotion, expose societal taboos, and push the boundaries of what is acceptable on screen. So if you're ready to delve deeper into the world of fearless and boundary-breaking actresses, read on and discover the stories behind some of the most iconic scenes in film history.

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The captivating Jamie Lee Curtis was known for her roles in horror films such as Halloween and The Fog, but it was her captivating performance in Trading Places that showcased a different side of her acting range. In one particularly memorable scene, Curtis bares it all, displaying a stunning figure that left audiences in awe. However, in a recent interview, the actress admitted that she wouldn't do such a scene again, citing that she's grown older and wiser since then:

I was 21 years old and the part required Ophelia to take off her dress. Did I like doing it? No. Did I feel embarrassed that I was doing it? Yes. Did I look OK? Yeah. Did I know what I was doing? Yeah. Did I like it? No. Was I doing it because it was the job? Yes.

 Nevertheless, her bold and daring performance in the film will always be remembered as a defining moment in her career.

Melanie Griffith

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Melanie Griffith, the iconic American actress, has long been known for her fearless portrayals of strong and intense female characters. Whether she's playing the dangerous and seductive Lulu in Something Wild or the troubled adult film star Holly Body in Body Double, Griffith has always been unafraid to delve into complex and challenging roles. She's also never been one to shy away from doing away with her costume onscreen, often baring her body onscreen with a boldness and confidence that only adds to the power of her performances. Regardless of genre or critical reception, Griffith's unwavering commitment to bringing dynamic and authentic characters to life has made her a celebrated icon of cinema.