60 Groovy Photographs

By | December 15, 2020

Groovy PSA flight attendants in the 1970s.

When you take a look at these photographs from the groovy era you'll see more than just some cool outfits and nostalgic moments in history. If you look closer you'll see some of the most important moments of the glory days of the 20th century.

Each one of these rarely seen photos from the '60s and '70s will take you back in time to an era when things were a little more easy, and a lot more cool.

Whether you lived through the groovy era or you're living vicariously through these nostalgia inducing snapshots get ready to have an eyeful of the grooviest moments of the '60s and '70s.

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There was never a better time for air travel than the 1970s. The flight attendants looked cool, travelers dressed up, and the whole thing just felt a little more fabulous. In the groovy era air travel was something special, it's still a col and efficient form of pseudo time travel, but in the '60s and '70s flying was special.

In the '70s, flight attendants wore outfits that were colorful and cool. Their uniforms didn't just look like something that you'd wear to work, they looked like something that you'd wear on a night out at the club. The appeal of these outfits wasn't just that they looked great, they also served as a way to make flyers feel comfortable 30,000 feet in the air.

Gregg Allman and Cher on their wedding day in 1975.

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Could it be? Did the blues rocker and the ultimate pop queen find love with one another in the '70s? For just a little while, that's exactly what happened.

We think of Cher as the eternal partner of Sonny Bono, but after they split she found love with another musical stalwart, but this time he was a hard living rocker from the south. After meeting in 1975, the couple had an awful first date but that didn't stop them from marrying on June 30 of that year.

Cher filed for divorce nine days later. The couple got back together in an effort to raise their son. They recorded an album and went on tour, and that pretty much ended things. The couple broke up for real in 1977. Even though they didn't work out, Cher still insisted that she loved Allman, saying:

Nobody ever made me feel as happy as Gregory did. God, he’s wonderful. I don’t understand why he can’t see it. He’s the kindest, most gentle, loving husband and father.