50 Jarring Nature Photos

By | July 24, 2020

A massive wave that hit a lighthouse off the coast of France in 1989 - the man in the lighthouse survived. (Photo-Jean Guichard)

The natural world is full of beauty, wonder, and mystery. Nature has the power to create life and the power to take it away. As this collection of photographs show, the natural world is full of surprises that can be destructive and deadly or amazing and inspiring.

As these images were collected on the world wide web, some may be post-edited or altered. User discretion is advised.

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Source: Reddit

In this now-famous photo snapped by Jean Guichard in 1989, a massive wave is nearly engulfing the Phares dans la Tempete, la Jument, a lighthouse on the northwest coast of France, near Brittany, that ironically translates to “Lighthouse in a storm.” During this storm, the lighthouse keeper, Theodore Malgorne, may look like he is calmly watching the monster waves, but he is actually awaiting rescue. Malgorne has a few colleagues tucked safely in the lighthouse, out of harm’s way. Although it looks like the wall of water is powerful enough to destroy the lighthouse, the structure received little damage and is still standing today.  

A woman went camping 30 years ago and heard strange noises in the middle of the night so she stuck her camera outside the tent and snapped this photo.

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Wikipedia says that raccoons are solitary mammals who mostly keep to themselves. This photo begs to differ! It looks like a raccoon rave is going on at this campsite. Raccoons are nocturnal so they do spend most of their waking hours in the darkness. They are omnivores and opportunistic eaters. For that reason, they are generally considered to be a nuisance animal that will tear up trash cans and gardens. Campers need to take extra care to secure their food. Raccoons have tiny little hands, but they are extremely dexterous and can open coolers and boxes. The woman who took this photo outside her tent probably didn’t have her food secured.