60 Jarring Nature Photos 

Editor Picks | June 25, 2018

King cobra bites python. Python constricts cobra. Cobra dies of constriction. Python dies from venom.

Source: Reddit

What we see in this photograph is a great example of the two killing methods of snakes…venom and constricting. Some snakes, like the King cobra, the rattlesnake, the coral snake, black mamba, and the saw-scaled viper are venomous serpents. They kill their prey by injecting them with venom via their fangs and rely on their speed to suddenly strike their victims. Other snakes, like the Python and boa constrictor wrap their strong bodies around their prey and squeeze until the blood flow to vital organs is stopped. So which killing method is most effective? Both the King cobra in this photo and the Python succumb to their injuries so I say it is a draw. 

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