60 Photos That Capture A Different Side Of Sports History

Sports History | June 20, 2019

Inside the crazy world of Dennis Rodman - the bad boy of basketball who married himself, allegedly been with 2,000 women and is 'soul mates' with Kim Jong-un.

Source: Reddit

Where do you even start with Dennis Rodman? Of course he’s a five time NBA champion and he lead the league in rebounds seven times between 1992 and 1998, but he also showed up to a book signing event for his memoir in a wedding dress and horse drawn carriage before announcing that he’d be marrying himself.

Rodman’s definitely one of the best defensive players that ever lived, with nearly 12,000 rebounds to his name, but he’s also friends with a North Korean dictator. Regardless of whether you like his style or not, you’ve got to admit that he’s had a wild ride. 

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