60 Rare Historical Photos That You Probably Haven't Seen Before

By | January 7, 2019

A picnic at the California Alligator Farm in the 1920s, located in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles between 1907 and 1953. The farm had 20 ponds for the trained alligators where patrons could mingle freely with them.

We got a gallery potpourri for you. Yes, all in one photo gallery, we got Clint Eastwood skateboarding the streets of Rome. I'm not kidding. We also got a 1950s guide on how to use the telephone. Seriously, kids had to be informed on how to use this device back in old-timey days. We also got Elvis Presley as a toddler (Baby King), World War II homing pigeons, and a walking library. So close your eyes, then open them again  - and get ready to be visually thrilled. We got 60 outstanding photos that will leave you wanting more.

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Do you know what Los Angeles needed in the 1920s? More alligators. Believe it or not, a major city tourist attraction in La-La land between 1907 to 1953 was The Los Angeles Alligator Farm. It was later rebranded to be known as the California Alligator Farm. And this is where tourist could frolic among "trained" alligators. The California Alligator Farm was an unregulated park where kids could play among alligators without those bothersome fences and gates. This tourist enclave had 20 ponds for alligators - who would also perform daily to large crowds. Visitors were told not to "throw stones at the alligators, spit on, punch or molest them in any way."

A vision of the future from a German magazine, was painted in 1930.

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Oh my god! These German's of the 1930s future predicted that they would have smart phones and Face Time! Germans always had a interesting view of the future. Who could forget the 1927 movie, Metropolis? Directed by Fritz Lang, the German sci-fi movie is  regarded as a pioneering film of the genre. Much like predicting our current climate, Metropolis is set in a dystopian future - where the wealthy control the masses. And do you know what happens? The workers unit and overthrow the evil wealthy class who live in the city above. Look out!