60 Rare Historical Photos That You Probably Haven't Seen Before

Uncategorized | January 16, 2019

Instructions for "How To Use a Telephone" in 1951.

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Okay, there was once a time when instructions were needed on how to talk on a telephone. I know, crazy, right? But back in old-timey days, they felt there was a need to provide this type of information. This was part of a 1951 pamphlet called: The Telephone and How We Use It. And as you can see, on Page 5 - kids were being told which part of the phone to talk into. This was back in the days when there were only rotary phones - so there's a whole section on how those contraptions used to be operated. There were also Party Lines - back in those times; where you would share the lines with neighbors. Yikes! But what they didn't teach kids, once they mastered the phone's use, was what to talk about.

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Harmon Leon


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