60 Rare Historical Photos That You Probably Haven't Seen Before

Uncategorized | January 16, 2019

An immigrant family get their first view of New York City from Ellis Island.

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Starting in the late 1800s, America was welcoming immigrants via Ellis Island. "Come on in, immigrants," said Ellis Island - which was the gateway to 2 million immigrants to the United States. For over 60 years, between 1892 until 1954, Ellis Island was the busiest immigrant inspection station in the U.S. Immigrating to the United States, and comingĀ  into Ellis Island, was made extra dramatic by the sight of the Statue of Liberty in the harbor. Sadly for New Yorkers, in 1998 the US Supreme Court decision found that most of the Ellis Island is actually in New Jersey. Boo!

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Harmon Leon


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