60 Rare Historical Photos That You Probably Haven't Seen Before

Uncategorized | January 16, 2019

One of the most famous abandoned buildings in Portugal is an abandoned palace built during the 19th century and abandoned in 1980s.

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This, my friends, is Palacio Silva Amado in Lisbon. It was built in the 1800s and was once known for it's highly-decorated interiors and panels of tiles. Now-a-days, it's very much abandoned. In 1928, Palacio Silva Amado was bought by the Portuguese state - and this once beautiful building became largely defaced and it was never renovated; left to rot.  It was purchased by a real estate company in the 2000s - with the plan of partial demolition of this historic landmark - converting the rest into apartment units. But it has still yet to happen. Squatters once took over the palace for a few days  - but were quickly kicked out by the police.  

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