60 Rare Historical Photos That You Probably Haven't Seen Before

Uncategorized | January 16, 2019

Paris in the 1950s.

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This is a 1950s photograph of Paris, by Kurt Otto-Wasow, entitled, Ile de la Cité, Otto-Wasow was an international photographer who mostly captured images in France and Italy. In 1959, he published a collection of his Parisian photographs in a book that was simply called: Paris. He also published photo books called, Venice, Rome, Florence, and The Riviera. Paris in the 1950s was a bit chaotic. From 1946, the population grew by 50,000 per year. By 1954, it had reached a total of  2.85 million in 1954 - though new housing had not been constructed. 100,000 residential buildings that were declared uninhabitable were still crammed full. Pas bon ;(

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