60 Rare Vintage Photos From History

Uncategorized | February 8, 2019

Written by Jacob Shelton

When we look to history we do so in order to feel awe at the natural universe. Whether we’re looking to nature, or craning our necks up at a piece of architecture, we’re forced to think about all the people who’ve done the same things before us. In that sense it feels good to be a speck of dust on the windshield of time.

Click forward to see an entertaining collection of rare photos including Frank Zappa with his parents in his purple home, Freddie Mercury rocking a massive crowd, and the world’s oldest Yelp review written in Babylonian. We hope you’re settled in because you’re not going to want to peel your eyes away from the sights we have to show you. Go forth and explore!

Sleeping Beauty! The famous photo of Princess Diana dozing off at an official royal engagement in 1981, the next day it was announced that she was pregnant with her first child.

Following a year plus engagement to Prince Charles, Diana of Wales and Charles were married on July 29 1981. The Princess was seen as a firebrand from their wedding, specifically because she didn’t vow to “obey” the prince when they were married. From then on she was a favorite of the dirt sheets and never truly escaped the eye of the media.

After changing her vows the next thing she did to stir the pot of the English media came on November 4 1981 when she fell asleep at the Victoria and Albert Museum's Splendors of the Gonzagas exhibition. Just writing that makes me sleepy, so you can’t hold it against her. And she had a good reason to nod off, the following day she discovered she was pregnant with her first child. 

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