60 Times Mother Nature Proved To Be Scarier Than A Horror Movie


40 million year old whale found in Egypt 🦴

No matter how much we learn about Mother Nature, the outside world will always remain a mystery to human beings. In some ways it's a beautiful place where animals and plants live in harmony with one another, but it can also be full of mystery and danger.

These photos span the world from the jungles of South America to the tundra of Antarctica, and each and every one of them proves that our planet is both awe inspiring and full of gruesome realities. Are you ready to discover just how terrifying and beautiful Earth can be?

Take a closer look at every photo...it might take a minute to understand what is going on and to convince your mind it's actually real...

source: reddit

Discovered in the Egyptian desert in 2021, these fossils belong to a 43-million-year-old prehistoric whale known as Phiomicetus anubis. Rather than simply swimming through the ocean and just opening its mouth to catch its prey, this fearsome underwater leviathan moved around on four legs and used its incredibly sharp teeth to rip its victims to pieces.

Weighing in at 1,300 pounds, the Phiomicetus anubis has been compared to a cross between a killer whale and large dog, which sounds absolutely terrifying. This isn't the first whale with legs to be found, it is believed to be the earliest semi-aquatic species found in Africa.